Friday 27 November 2015

GHQ WW1 German Battlecruisers

More new 1/2400 ships

SMS Lutzow
I did a similar show off post a month or so ago with the equivalent British ships, this week I finished my collection of German Battlecruisers. Just toying with the idea of getting some Battleships now, at least GHQ putting their prices up by 30% has helped me decide who will be getting my money !

SMS Von der Tann
SMS Moltke
SMS Seydlitz
These ships really do scrub up nice and are a joy to game with, they would be even better if the masts didn't bend !

SMS Lutzow
SMS Derfflinger
An old photo (but one I wont grow tired of) featuring Derfflinger, which was the first ship I painted earlier in the year, with Lutzow which I finished last week.

SMS Hindenburg in a recent game
Moltke and Syedlitz
Lutzow and Hindenburg
The collection keeps getting bigger, but its just for skirmish actions ! I have got 10 Light Cruisers nearing completion and 36 destroyers waiting to be based, oops.

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