Thursday, 2 August 2018

Sergeants of The Knights of St Lazarus

It's time again the add to my slowest growing project, that of the 28mm Crusades, 8 units in 3 years is pretty glacial !

This is my first attempt at the Fireforge Miniatures Mounted Sergeants plastic box set, nothing really to report other than that they are a great straight forward Set. Easy to put together, good looking, easy to paint, good price, everything a tight wad from Yarkshire needs !

In October 2017 I completed a unit of The Knights of St Lazarus, also using Fireforge Figures, see the link below for details on the Holy Order and the unit,

So when it came to putting together this unit I decided on doing a unit of Sergeants for the Knights I had previously done, The Order of St Lazarus was an extremely small order when it came to put men (some with leprosy) in the field of battle, so information is virtually none existent for the Knights never mind the Sergeants.

So when it came to painting these I went with a black uniform like the Templar Sergeants but with the green cross of St Lazarus, total speculation but I have long reserved the right to paint my Toy Soldiers how I bloody well like ;-)

Bases are 50mm frontage by 60mm depth, not for any particular rule set, although we have dabbled with Deus Vult, (not sure yet, need a few more goes with more troop types) we are still experimenting, will be trying out Spearpoint next.

It would be rude to not show them next to their parent unit so here they are.

Next up should be some Gendarme for my Italian Wars project but I am not feeling very focused at the moment so anything could happen.

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