Friday, 9 June 2017

Dipping a Toe in the Malifaux Water

Meet the Gang
Over the last few years I have enjoyed branching out from my more traditional historical gaming, in fact I have found the distraction of painting something completely different every now and again helps keep me going when I am slogging through a batch of 30 or so Khaki clad WW1 models.

Team Guild
I have long enjoyed the look of the Malifaux models, if you haven't seen them it's well worth a look through the range as they are lovely sculpted, so when the rules got a reboot with M2E and the company who make the figures introduced a starter set I was already screaming "Take My Money !"

The Orderlies, lovely lads
Malifaux, for those that don't know is a skirmish level game set in a kind of fantasy steampunk world. The game itself has some very interesting mechanisms, using cards instead of dice for combat resolution etc.

The game has a number of factions from which to choose from, each with their own unique style and back story.

Dr Grimwell and Nurse Heartsbane
The starter set comes with 8 figures, 4 from The Guild (see above) and 4 from The Neverborn faction. Also included are 2 Fate Decks, 2 tape measures, a basic rule book with rule learning Scenarios and a link to a PDF of the main rulebook. Everything you need to get going in the world of Malifaux and see if it's for you.

Team Neverborn
The figures are plastic and require some minor construction, they do have some small pieces and extra care is certainly needed when removing parts from the sprue to avoid damage. The starter set comes with basic plastic bases, however I bought the sculpted ones off fleabay to save me the time of sculpting bases.

The Scion of Black Blood and Angel Eyes
Painted using Vallejo Acrylic paint and inks. It still feels really weird painting one figure at a time after years of Historicals, but they were fun to do. I will try and get some test games in with the lad soon (still waiting to get 7tv off the ground).

It's been quite quiet on YG recently due to work but also our Naval Campaign has "blocked" the table for ages so I also have a backlog of painted stuff to paint and post so stand by for Incoming.