Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Film Crew for the Spanish Civil War

And Some New Nationalist Recruits

Filming the action from the "safety" of the roof
I wanted a film crew as part of our big Spanish Civil War game of the attack on University City. Luckily I didn't have to go searching as one of our regular attendees had one hanging around.

The Crew
There was a camera man and camera, a Director and a guy with a clapper board. There was a fourth figure of a female reporter which I just didn't take to so I only painted up these guys. Apologies I don't know who the manufacturer is.

Camera and man
Couldn't resist the Land and Freedom on the clapper board 
The Crew play a vital part in our ongoing game, all will be revealed when I post up that game.

In action filming some Anarchists
For once I got round to painting stuff up for the game before it rather than getting enthused by it and painting stuff after. I bought the Figs I wanted to finish off my Carlist and my Legion forces at York this year along with a couple of support weapons. All these figures are from Empress Miniatures.

A few pics of the new Carlist boys, glad I  photographed these as I have realised I have forgotten to put grass tufts on them. A while back I did a Box to Table painting tutorial on these which you can find HERE

A HMG team, I have substituted a Carlist Officer for the Fig which came in the pack.

Nationalist Mortar

And finally a section of Legion again to finish off my forces for that faction. Again I did a Box to Table on these as well which is HERE

I also bought some SCW Cavalry from Empress at York and the Horses are half done for those. Next up on the paint table are some test bases for the new Crusades project.

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