Saturday, 4 April 2015

28mm Ancients - Gallic Cavalry - New Unit

Project 2015 is under way with the second unit in of 12 rolling off the production line this week. Presented here is a unit of 12 Gallic Cavalry, the figures are by Gripping Beast and they were purchased many years ago at the Recon show in Pudsey, a bit like the Lawrence Camel unit I have had the horses painted for a long time (3 years ?) and they have been sat in a box waiting for enthusiasm to come knocking.

The horses have been painted with oil paints, which I know is a bit old school but I have never been happy with my results when I use acrylics on horses. I will put up a box to table including the oil painting technique for you youngsters in the next few weeks.

The figures have that natural chunky feel that all early Gripping Beast Ancients have, the horses especially, I think the sculpts were going for a work horse type but came out a bit pit pony. They look fine as a unit though so no real complaints.

Bases are 60 x 60 my standard Ancients base 3 figs to a base. I haven't done a box to table post for these as each figure is individual and therefore very difficult to show a method in a short post like this.

Next up on Project 2015 is a second unit of Libyan Spearmen although there is a unit of 15mm SYW to do first.

The eagle eyed might spot my football teams shirt, just a little personal touch

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