Monday, 17 February 2014

Whats it all about

Whats it all about ?

The "Mad Priest" a 28mm Musketeer Fig and Character of many a Spanish Civil War game painted by self.

Like many, I'm sure who are drawn to the blog I have been gaming since I was in my teens, starting with boxes of Airfix figures moving on to metal Minifigs and the like.

The main thing draining the hobby funds are the wonderful products of the Perrys, they have over the last few years drawn me in to periods I hadn't really considered in the past.

Most of the stuff I do now is in 28mm the eyes aren't what they where, so the main project at the moment is 28mm WW2 Desert, concentrating on the early part of the conflict up to Op Crusader at the end of 1941. Also taking up the finances are 28mm SCW (Empress Miniatures very nice) and the AWI again in 28mm. Like all gamers I have boxes of stuff lying around awaiting enthusiasm or ebay.

So why do a bit of blogging ? It still amazes me, the power and ease of use of the tinterwebnet, when I started the hobby if I wanted to get an order of battle or some uniform details I had to go down the library or buy some expensive books, now type a search in one search engine and seconds later its there. I've used others blogs in the past for ideas and inspiration so I hope this blog will do the same for others.

FT - 17 Force of Arms 28mm painted by me, slow as a snail, no armour and a poor gun but in the Spanish Civil War it could easily be the best vehicle on the field.

I hope to bring reviews, painting and game write ups / scenarios to the masses.