Friday 21 February 2014

SCW Republican Raid Part 1

Spanish Civil War - Republican Raid Part 1

Last weekend saw the start of a new game set in the SCW at Castle R.

The background was as follows, the Nationalists have paused in their advance using a river as a natural barrier to reorganise prior to the next big offensive. Leaving a light force of Carlist Militia to cover the river crossings and supply dumps, the remainder of the force is forming up nearby. Republican recon has spotted this opportunity and has sent a flying column to force the river crossings and capture supplies.

The table layout, Republicans attacking up the table from this view point across the river, taken at the end of the first days gaming.

The Republicans start with a company of International Brigade (Connolly's Irish} and a HMG all motorised ( For our rules this is a Command of 4 figs including a CO and a Standard Bearer and 3 units of 8 figures armed with Rifles ), a UNL 35 Armoured Car, along with an off table battery of 75mm field guns and an observer attached to the HQ, who start off table heading for the bridges.

The Nationalists start with a company of Carlists and a HMG as well (same organisation above ) they have three unattached lorrys based at the supply dump as generic transport.

Our rules use a purchase system to upgrade units, buy reinforcements and ammo, each turn each sides rolls for extra money to buy goodies. To add to the flavour of the game I bought some old Spanish currency off ebay.

The International Brigade form up under cover ready to advance whilst the Anarchist Conga moves up.

Each side rolls a number of d10 each turn, every roll below 5 generates 10 pesetas, on the first turn the Republicans had 15 rolls, the Nationalists 10, after that it was 2 rolls each with a extra 3 rolls every 5 turns. The sides can then purchase more troops as well ammo.

The shopping list for both sides was;

5 psts 1d4 Ammo
10 psts 5 Ammo
10 psts 4" Barricade
15 add LMG to Republican Unit
20 psts add a Militia (Anarchist or Carlist ) Section / HQ
20 psts 1 Dynamitareos added to a unit
25 psts Add Int Brigade, Legion or Civil Guardia Section / HQ
40 psts Light Mortar
45 psts HMG
50 psts Heavy Mortar
55 psts Armoured Car
60 psts Anti Tank Gun or Light Tank (Nat only)
70 psts T26 Tank

The Republicans had a company of International Brigade (Mac Paps) and 3 Companies (with 4 8 man Rifle units + HQ) of Anarchists available to buy along with 2 HMGs, a Heavy Mortar, 2 Light Mortars and an Anti Tank Gun.

The Nationalists had a company of Carlists, 2 companies of Legion (same organisation but smaller 6 man units with integrated LMG) and a company of Civil Guard (HQ & 3 6 man units) along with a light mortar, a HMG and an Anti Tank.

Later in the game a Nationalist redoubt containing a T26, an anti tank gun, a Carlist HQ all protecting the Nationalist money stash.

In the "car show room" there were 3 T26's to buy along with the old faithful FT-17, 2 Armoured Cars (another UNL and a Bilbao) and 3 CV33 Light Tanks which were only available to the Nationalists.

The house rules we use are a mixture of various sets, Disposable Heroes, A World Aflame and TooFatLardies influences are all in there. Each turn uses cards to activate units with Event Cards mixed in to spice up the game and make it less predictable, it works for our group.

In the next post I'll cover the first sessions gaming.

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