Monday 22 September 2014

28mm AWI Perry British - From box to table

 40th Regiment of Foot

Regular readers will be familiar with both the topics covered in this post, the quest to complete another AWI British Brigade, that of Grant using the wonderful 28mm Perry Plastics and the popular (in terms of page reads) From box to table. So here we have the 40th Foot photographed from leaving the box to being ready to game.

Small apology before the main article, I did suffer a bit with photography during the course of the project, some of the pics don't really show, as well as I would like, some of the contrasts between differing shades, especially on the red and buff.

Our basic figures on the left glued together off the sprue, on the right undercoated with Halfords Matt Black spray paint. I have always used black undercoat and have used the Halfords Spray for over 20 years it always covers, is always Matt and has a "grainy" texture which is perfect for taking paint. Unless stated otherwise all paints are Vallejo.

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The red coat first, from left to right, base coat Citadel Colour Dark Flesh, mid coat Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red, highlight Citadel Colour Blood Red.

Trousers next, I have gone for the blue grey winter trousers (see previous posts for discussions on this), a basic coat of 70898 Dark Sea Blue with a single dry brush highlight of that colour and 50:50 70951 White.

I have then used 70875 Beige Brown as the base coat for the musket as well as for the face and hands. A lighter colour than most would use for the musket, its a personal preference, an ink wash later darkens it and from distance on the table to me it looks right. I have then added a highlight to the musket with a 50:50 mix of Beige Brown and 70912 Tan Yellow. The metal work on the musket has been painted with 70863 Gunmetal Grey and the bayonet with Citadel Colour Mithril Silver.

Regiments with Buff facings, like the 40th also had Buff belts and straps,  which makes them slightly easier to paint. Ive used the Tan Yellow as a base coat for the cuffs, facings, waistcoat, belts and musket strap. A mid coat of 70976 Buff has been added. For none Buff regiments you would need to paint and highlight the facings then paint the belts etc white, I start with a Light Grey and build the colour to White.

The finish line is now close, the figure on the right has had a highlight on the Buff of a 50:50 Buff / White mix, followed by a clean up of the hat, cartridge box and scabbard with Black. A drybrush of 70992 Neutral Grey on the Black to pick out the highlights. Finally on that figure I have picked out the lace on the jacket with white. The left hand figure has had the face painted, a mid layer of 70804 Beige Red and a highlight of 70815 Basic Skintone.

The painting done, a wash of GW Devlan Mud on the musket and Buff and a wash of GW Ogryn Flesh on the er Flesh, 4 figs glued to an MDF base, the extra depth to protect the plastic muskets.

On the left I have plastered round the bases of the figures to hide them and then on the right painted the whole base Miniature Paints Earth Brown.

A dry brush of 80:20 White / Earth Brown and a slap of green Basetex.

The finished unit, a dry brush of yellow on the basetex and the addition of some grass tuffs. Just one more battalion, The 55th a Battery of guns and a Mounted Brigadier Commander to do, still on track to finish by Xmas. I've got some SCW on the paint table at the moment for a bit of a change, hope the post has helped some.

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