Sunday, 20 April 2014

New Unit 28mm Western Desert British Armour

New Unit 28mm Western Desert British Armour

Monkey, Hotspur and Fat Badger L to R
These guys have been used for a number of play tests over the last few months, in various states of completeness, this week I finally got round to finishing them.

This is a Marmon Herrington Armoured Car to be used as Recce for my South African Infantry, a Company B model, supplied by the ever superb Wargames Command Post Painted in the caunter scheme with decals from domsdecals. Dom does a limited range but the stuff he does is great and really finishes these models nicely.

One word of note don't use Matt Cote enamel varnish over Doms stuff, the decals melt ! To be fair to Dom if you read his instructions he does tell you this, I did the usual man thing and didn't bother reading the info sheet before varnishing, luckily I was only daft enough to varnish over the vehicle numbers which I had to remove and replace.

Nicknamed "Monkey" during the war I have used that for a vehicle name, I have done a rough sketch of the PG Tips character Monkey (a TV advert for tea for any non UK readers, Tea the taste of Empire not that coffee muck) on each side of the model for a bit of fun. I have two more of these to do. One will be Monkey from the 80s TV series, any suggestions for the third ?


Next up is a Valentine tank from Blitzkrieg Miniatures with Doms Decals painted in the caunter scheme. This model started the current 28mm Desert project, a "wooh that looks pretty" moment, led to impulse sample purchase, led to new period, you all know how it works. Hotspur is a genuine name for this vehicle.

Last up is a Matilda from Blitzkrieg Miniatures finished with Doms Decals and a Perry Miniatures commander. Have to say the light green has come out very dark in these photos, in real life its quite a subtle light shade honest. I do like the detail on this and the other Blitzkrieg stuff, I prefer it to the Warlord stuff which I have had some problems with recently ( I will blog re this when I get that model done ). Company B do some obscure stuff which fills a gap, they are showing their age a bit in terms of quality and are quite expensive compared with other makers. The Monkey was £22.50 where as something similar size from Warlord would be £16-18 but no one else makes them.

Badger is a genuine Matilda tank name, I couldn't resist adding the Fat in front after a local restaurant of the same name. A Matilda does look like a Fat Badger in my eyes.